Marine Propulsion Systems and Services is a company based in Greece and specializes in marine shafting systems. Our primary field includes maintenance and repairs controllable pitch propellers but also expands in stern tube seals, bow thrusters, stern thrusters, rudder propellers and stabilizers. Our services are maker independent and therefore suitable for almost all systems and plants.

We offer services for the repairs of the mechanical systems of the above, the hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-hydraulic systems and we can provide spare parts for several models of controllable pitch propeller, stabilizer and bow or stern thruster plants. Our stern tube seals field covers the maintenance of all kinds of oil and water lubricated seals and in situ repairs of several types of seals.

In addition, our works include dismantlement and refit of hydraulic keyless propellers and hydraulic couplings of all types and manufacturers.

Finally we stock a large amount of ‘hard to find’ spare parts for various pneumatic transmitters, various models of controllable pitch propeller and thruster systems, stabilizers and ‘hard to find’ hydraulic and pneumatic valves.

Our company has 25 years of experience in repairs of lots of kinds of marine shafting systems, our workforce is our main asset, and we have the experience and knowledge to make the right decisions quickly and solve all kinds of problems that may arise. One of our strengths is our short decision paths that make us able to act immediately.

Company quality policy